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This Summer We're going Bananas Van Essen Studio is running a limited special through the months of July and August. We will convert your older, ahem, well loved website to a new format or create a simple brand new one for the flat rate of $2500 *we're not crazy, restriction do apply. Contact us for more details. michel@vanessenstudio.com  

Last September 2016, VES was anxiously awaiting the announcement of the new MacBook Pro. Our MacBook Pro was from 2012 and starting to show it's age. Like many creatives, we absolutely love MacBooks. We used it for almost all our design work, all our coding and the two tools I used most is Terminal and Preview. Terminal for easy python programming, git and general purposes. Preview for super quick image cropping and resizing. Almost every

As of recently, I’ve been pretty interested in - among many other growing design trends - implementing colorful duotones in my photos. While browsing through design articles, I came across this article. After reading through it, I had a sudden rush of inspiration (I love those, they make me feel so empowered haha), and quickly grabbed some photos I’d taken earlier and threw them in Photoshop to give duotones a test run. My results: [caption id="attachment_16120" align="alignright" width="1024"]

A little glimpse into the ups and downs of the unique work life we know here at Van Essen Studio. WAHM- It's not an 80s band A WAHM or Work At Home Mom is sort of the lifestyle unicorn. To be able to apply your intellect to something beyond sleep schedules and 'did the toddler eat enough vegetables today' AND still be there for post nap cuddles? All the yes. How It All Began When my husband and I

Van Essen Studio has always been an oddball out there. Are we web designers? Are we Graphic Designers? UX? What does that even mean? Even though we have had enough business it was time for us to help you guys out and take some confusion away. In short, we are a creative agency that provides solutions for businesses small and big. A solution begs for a problem, and problems is a thing we see a lot

The title might suggest that Van Essen Studio has it all together and that you're about to read a "how to" on being authentic (or to put it another way, genuine or more broadly, original). If you're interested in reading that however, you may want to stop here because I don't believe we can stay authentic at all. This thought of not being able to stay authentic has been bothering me for a long time. Of course we've

As recently as five years ago, web design was still a popular and growing trend. If you are unfamiliar with the world of web design and web development, web design is essentially a process by which a website is planned out through a combination of electronic files that will influence the layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics, images, and use of interactive features users to your site will utilize. Source: UX Magazine Web design itself is a component

When Michel got the text asking if he wanted to participate in the Little Black Dress Project, I was sorely tempted to let him go on without me. The same suit, every day, for an entire month seemed intense enough, I couldn't imagine wearing the same black dress for that time. Then, feeling a little guilty, I volunteered and, no, I had not put enough thought into it beforehand. It began with picking the actual dress.